In 2012 Malcolm Crease and Peter Dredge acquired the international brand and distribution rights for Vector Powerboats Inc. The intention was to build an iconic global marine performance brand, so the pair founded a group structure which included Vector Media Group which is focused on the racing, brand licensing, media and marketing sectors and Vector Marine Group which is focused exclusively on design and manufacturing, including the maritime security sector.

In only five years, Vector has become the world’s premier marine performance brand through highly-innovative media, marketing and content-driven initiatives which have secured a whole new generation of marine-performance enthusiasts and fans globally. Vector’s social media channels currently service over 600,000 followers, making it already the largest social audience in the marine industry, a number which exceeds many well-established sports marketing platforms. Vector has also signed a ground-breaking deal with Ubisoft to take the Vector brand into a major action gaming title in 2018.

Through high-profile media partnerships with Martini and Porsche (2014 – 2017) the Vector Martini Racing team became the most successful international powerboat racing team in modern times with back-to-back victories in the Cowes Classic 2014/15, two British Championship titles and three K7 Gold stars. This success has attracted the attention of high-profile sponsor deals and ultimately led to the ground-breaking partnership with Jaguar.

In addition to an increased racing programme in 2018, Vector intends to significantly expand its media portfolio through the development of additional platforms including a new adventure reality TV format, a feature film franchise, the development of marine Technology Centre/Historic Museum (Vectorworld) , and a new international 1-make racing format. Vector will also attempt to break 12 established World Records and National Records over the duration of the partnership.

Vector controls its brand and design IP, all of which has been carefully registered and protected. Alongside its flagship V40 design, the company has now completed designs for further models including the V50 and the V60. Vector has also recently partnered with Williams Advanced Engineering to collaborate on the development of a high-performance marine engine solution to service future commercial and security applications.

Vector has successfully used its racing programme to support the development of the V40S, V50S and V60S designs for maritime security applications which include surveillance, deterrent, interception and coastal protection.